DID.DIGITAL is an initiative of MakoLab USA:

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Self-Sovereign Identity for your business

is the new initiative of MakoLab USA in the digital identification space for businesses. It brings the power of Self-Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) to companies. DID.Digital is blockchain based network that allows your business to confirm the ownership of standard identification mechanism (like EIN, CIK, LEI, BIC etc) and protect it through highly secured and trustful cryptographic methods based on Blockchain technology. It will also protect your name and brand names you own in the digital space.

From the technology perspective, on the database side DID.DIGITAL will use new kind of graph databases called LPG and will use GQL – Graph Query Language, while on the Blockchain side we will use concepts from MakoLab’s GraphChain project (

Stay tuned!
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